For over a decade the wreckstopper has helped save dozens of companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ric Stops Wrecks

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The only thing we do every day that could kill us is to drive. Ric Newell offers us his best life-saving defensive driving tips, tools, and stories that will make your time on the road productive, safe, stress-free, and even fun.


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Where You Have Drivers,
You Have Wrecks

Where you have wrecks,
      you have tremendous losses.

If your company believes preventable wrecks are a cost of doing business, then your company will continue to have preventable wrecks.

Ric Stops Wrecks

Every year, nationwide, preventable wrecks caused by driver error cost transportation companies tens of millions of dollars in personal property damage. It gets worse. The soft costs of vehicle downtime, increased insurance costs, lost productivity, and general disruption of company business often dwarf the cost of the physical damage.

These unnecessary and crippling costs come straight out of the bottom line. Dollars wasted by driver error can never be recouped. The question that begs to be asked is whether your company would accept millions of dollars of lost revenue because of preventable mistakes from sales, administration, or even management?

Avoiding wrecks cannot be taught using traditional driver training. Being a skilled driver, and a safe driver are not the same thing. Safe driving requires a totally different skill set. If you are spending your time and treasure training drivers how to drive then you are wasting your efforts.

The Wreckstopper will give your drivers the information they need to avoid wrecks in virtually all situations. Increasing profits can be done by increasing revenue and reducing costs. One safe driver, with no incidents, will save your company thousands of dollars simply by avoiding preventable wrecks. Imagine how much you could save with an entire fleet of safe drivers.

Ric has been a professional member of the National Speakers Association for over a decade.


For over a decade the wreckstopper has helped save dozens of companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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What Ric’s Clients Say About Him

We have brought Ric in to work with our drivers eight times in the last five years. He has worked with all of our delivery drivers and has saved us literally tens of thousands of dollars. Our companies have been using The Wreckstopper’s wreck avoidance techniques and they have really made a dent in our incidents. Working with Ric has been easy, and I really like the fact he takes the time to understand our company’s needs and customizes his workshops exclusively for us. The Wreckstopper really does stop wrecks.
Barry Corno, Operations Manager, United Salad and Duck Delivery
Since Ric’s workshop last fall, our 40 delivery drivers have not had a single wreck
Mike Thomas, President, Thomas Brothers Produce Co
After having Ric work with my drivers, we will be using his services on a regular basis.
Joe Memetz, CEO, Sun Valley Fruit Co.
Ric really knew how to communicate with our drivers. His presentation offered practical, common sense safety techniques that they will use daily
Marty Ward, Central Region Manager Contractor Services, G.A.F. Building Materials
Ric Newell really brought a fresh approach to driving at our Distribution Safety Conference. He emphasized how key it was to drive with the right attitude and state of mind. Our employees ranked his speech 4.65 out of 5. He made driving safety interesting. I enjoyed working with him and I’m sure he will have opportunities in the future.
Randell Ward, Safety & Training Manager, TXU Electric Delivery
Ric is really good at what he does. He kept 24 van drivers who had been working all night awake, engaged, and interested through a six hour defensive driving session. It was amazing.
Gregory S. Asher, Manager, Service Support, The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company

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